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ACERTELECOM are specialists in the installation and maintanence of all Ericsson LG iPECS, ipLDK, GDK and Siemens phone systems and provide many other telecommunication related services including voice mail and least cost routing.

Supported Systems shows the range of iPECS, LG ipLDK phone systems and gives you the information to help select the right sized system to suit your business and accommodate for future growth. We specialise in iPECS and LG ipLDK phone systems but can offer support for many other telecommunication solutions.

Voice mail shows the different versions of voice mail available from "Active Voice" or the VOXBOX, VOXBOX Pro systems from OAK. Voice mail can ensure that you do not miss those important calls as every call is a potential sale.

Services shows the telecommunications related services that ACERTELECOM provides including maintenance and wiring of phone systems.

System Enquiry allows you to send us some information on the requirements you may have for a phone system enabling us to find the best solution for your business needs while allowing for expansion in the future.

General Enquiry can be used simply as a "contact us" page or you can enter more detail about any requirements you may have for our services.

Least Cost Routing is all about reducing your businesses communication costs for data and voice. With our close working partnership with Pragma Networks we can drive down the costs of communicating. Many suppliers offer least cost routing but Pragma Networks offer a reliable service coupled with a low tariff.

Acer Telecom offers a reliable & personal service for all companies.

In today's climate it is important that companies perform at maximum efficiency therefore a review of current systems & billing structures can be undertaken to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

This service can be provided whether it is to an existing installation that requires repair or the customer is in need of friendly advice on which course of action is required to expand their company's telecommunication requirements.

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